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TheLikes Group

Our wealth of experience and network, we have a thorough understanding of the immigration programs around the world and are confident we can provide all our clients, including Entrepreneurs, students, workers and companies with unparalleled immigration services.

TheLikes Group is a leader in the field of investment, immigration and recruitment and has developed a reputation for integrity and efficiency. Therefore, our clients are assured any of their applications are being handled and represented by certified immigration professionals.

Our Vision

To actively involve and make better the travel solutions by adapting and implementing state of art technologies into contemporary travel industry which will bring more benefits to both our customers and travel partners.

Our Mission

To provide the maximum of benefits to our customers by providing quality and professional services which will enhance our clients unforgettable experience.

Our Values

  • Customer Support
  • Relationship Building
  • Trust
  • Positivity
  • Creativity

Investment Tourism

Identifying and marketing to visitors traveling to or already within a destination who may be potential investors in economic opportunities. Global tourism has been on the rise for many years, and is now over a trillion dollar industry. All visitor segments represent potential real estate/business investments in your destination.

Leisure Travel

Leisure travel refers to travel that is undertaken by an individual on their own personal time for enjoyment and relaxation. Of course, employees have to be granted a certain quantity of holidays throughout the year and many use this time to travel.

Study & Work Abroad

With a deep understanding of every student’s study abroad needs and complements the same with the right solution. Our specialization in the field of foreign education, places the student on the right career path at the right educational institute. We are the step-ladder to studying undergraduates and working professionals of skilled and non-skilled backgrounds.